LINDAHL CONSULTANTS… Mission centered. Donor focused. Results driven.


Lindahl Consultants empowers your leaders to integrate development activity throughout the life of the organization and to build various pathways of giving for your constituents and members.


A strong development program rests on the level of understanding and involvement of the Board of Directors. We can inform your Board about its fiduciary responsibility to have an active part in fundraising, and help your Directors to become more confident and comfortable with the process. We will guide your CEO and development staff to work effectively with the Board.


Building your donor base and sustaining donors from year to year is important to the sustainability of giving from year to year.  It is also critical as a foundation for the occasional capital campaign and for eventual legacy gifts.  We will review your procedures, internal capacity, and outcomes to identify ways to improve your outreach for on-going support.


Our consultants have a successful track record in campaigns for new construction, renovation, debt reduction, endowment building and mission giving. We oIMG_9600ffer:

  • Hands-on guidance throughout your capital campaign
  • Multiple, proven, faith-based approaches
  • Adaptation to the distinctive culture of your organization
  • Integration of web and social media into your campaign process
  • Support during your initial planning, throughout your campaign and for the entire multi-year giving period

Through confidential interviews with individuals, we evaluate opinions and intentions related to your proposed campaign. Our Feasibility Study Report enables leaders to make informed decisions about critical issues, including the campaign’s purposes, dollar goal, timing, and leadership selection. Our report:

  • Assesses giving capacity and intent, prior to campaign
  • Identifies potential campaign leaders
  • Builds enthusiasm among lead givers
  • Tests your Case for Support, gauging acceptance for projects and dollar goals
  • Enables informed decision-making about the dollar goal, campaign timing, and leadership selection



Build an endowment fund to undergird your mission and to enable people to make a lasting legacy. We will help you encourage and invite gifts, and guide the development of policies and procedures for endowment funds. Ask us for educational programs on life income, bequests, and other types of planned gifts. We will support you to:

  • Learn common motivations for making planned gifts
  • Explain to members the simplicity of bequests and benefits to your organization
  • Introduce popular gifts that benefit donors with lifetime income, such as Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts