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Lindahl Consultants empowers church leaders to integrate faith and money throughout the life of the congregation. As a core value for faith development, giving opens the door to transformation for both individuals and congregations. We help you understand the roles played by each type of giving opportunity.

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In addition to the services we offer to all clients, we work with churches in these ways:


The GPS technology in our cars will not give us directions until it knows our present location. Similarly, it is difficult — if not impossible — to improve your church’s financial health without establishing your starting point. Using a Giving Performance Study we can help you generate a plan that —

  • Recognizes your church’s current financial position, giving patterns and overall level of generosity
  • Relies on your church’s demographics and projected community changes
  • Indicates strategies to achieve stronger giving

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We are experienced in teaching about giving as an essential part of faith development. Contact us for programs in your local church, region, or national meeting. Our approach entails —

  • Developing cultures of abundance
  • Identifying practices of sufficiency in order to meet authentic human need
  • Revealing the verdant environment in which God has placed us
  • Creating a new norm of generosity as a response of gratitude

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One of our most-requested workshops outlines the four kinds of giving present in a financially healthy church, all of which relate to spiritual and missional vitality. We will assist you in preparing to receive:

  • Gifts for ongoing ministries, given joyfully and generously
  • Major gifts to support either operational or special needs
  • Capital campaigns to address extraordinary and significant facility projects, debt reduction, mission empowerment, and endowment growth
  • Planned gifts that build endowment for financial stability and ministry expansion


Overcome discomfort talking about money in the church in order to teach good habits of saving, spending, investing and giving. Lindahl Consultants will help you develop a vital ministry that will help both the congregation and its individual members.

Congregational Wellness

  • Define your church’s stewardship program as ministry that enhances spiritual development
  • Add more tools to your stewardship toolbox
  • Increase on-going giving for on-going ministries
  • Improve your church’s financial health by inviting special designated gifts
  • Address larger facility issues with major gifts initiatives and capital campaigns
  • Build endowment with a planned giving program that honors people’s highest hopes
  • Improve the church’s financial stability

Individual and Family Wellness

  • Help people alleviate their financial stresses and worries
  • Provide information about consumer debt, household budgeting, retirement planning, mortgage costs, educational costs, taxes, and more
  • Offer basic financial education at all socio-economic levels
  • Use creative approaches to stimulate conversation and mutual support
  • Connect faith to the use of finances and decisions about moneyJune 2014 end date 1535